Conscious Conception








Conscious is defined as aware of and responding to one’s surroundings, awake and also having knowledge of something; aware.


Conception is defined as becoming pregnant but also as the origin of something.


Conscious conception could be your journey to pregnancy. But it is really so much more. The choice to become a parent, to invite another soul into your life is the beginning of whole new way of being, a way of being awake and alive on all levels of your self.


Did you know, it takes an average of 74 days or 2-3 months for sperm to grow and mature.  Ova take about can take anywhere from 90-150 days to reach final maturation. That means that 3-6 months of care and planning can greatly improve the quality of these precious resources. What you eat, drink, think and do does impact not only your physical health, but your wellness emotionally and spiritually.


Walk with us hand in hand as we inspire 3 months of seasonal conscious conception. Coming this September 2018- Fall recipe & practice update! Free to all people already in Conscious Conception. 


Month 1 : Spring Clean


Clearing the Path with Gentle Cleansing




Nettle Infusion

Milk Thistle and Dandelion Tea

ACV Tonic

Raw Juice Recipes

Green Soups

Homemade Cleaning Products

Homemade Body Whip

Grapefruit & Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Dry Body Brushing




Month 2: Nourishing the Deep


Nurturing The Building Blocks of Life





Renewing Bath Soak

Homemade Thyme & Honey Ricotta with fermented berries

Easy Squash Frittata

Pistachio and Raspberry Chia Pudding

Connection Auric Spritzer

Herbal Vinegars

Fermented Lemon Ginger Ade

Homemade Broth Based Risotto





Month 3: Sweet Invocation


Keeping the Home Fires Burning


Recipes :


Cacao Maca Smoothy

Lovers Hot Cacao

Sultry Body Oil

Dream Prayer Bundles

Roasted Vegetable Hummus

Sticky, Finger Licking Chicken Bites

Miso Greens

Toasted 3 Seed salad topper