Sacred Fertility Online



Are you looking to expand your skills to support families on the fertility journey? Are you on the fertility journey yourself and looking deepen your practical and spiritual skill base? Sacred Fertility may be calling to you!  Read through and let us know if you have any further questions. 

Sacred Fertility aims to change the conversation around fertility. What is the fertility journey? While all the focus seems to be on physically making a baby, fertility is so much more.  Fertility is comprised of all parts of our experience: the body yes, but also our emotional, metal and spiritual landscapes have vital parts to play too.  And taking a step back, seeing the person as a whole and examining ways to nurture the inner world as much as the outer world creates a strong foundation for fertility to flourish in boundless ways. 


The online class is an 8 part program designed to give you the skills you need as a Sacred Fertility Doula to support those on the fertility path. 


Or to give you as a fertile being a deep grounding and knowing of your own fertility. 


Each module of the 8 part program is a deep look at the many facets of fertility. It is online and in the sanctuary of your own home and can be completed in your own time. We hold space for you in our private FB group open only to those enrolled in the class.  There are live office hours within the FB group and the option of a face to face skype session with us if you need support. 

 Sign Up NOW! You can enroll in all 8 parts for a discounted price plus receive the Conscious Conception class as a full registration sign up bonus, or take each module  one by one and pay as you go

Once work is completed you receive Sacred Fertility Doula Certification.  


Sacred Fertility Online

Part 1 Physical Body:

Cycles & Charts

Body Meditations

Self Care Massage



It’s Complicated: Common Physical Fertility Challenges


In Their Words: Interviews with Surrogate and Mayan Abdominal Practioner


Part 2: The Emotional Body



Word Medicine: Unpacking Fertility Messages

Naming Feelings

Hope & Loss

Mother Wound

Sacred Space

Empathic Listening Skills


In Their Words: Interviews with IVF Couple  and Fertility Hypnotherapist


Part 3:  The Spiritual Body

We have a Spirit

Soul Messages

Soul Contracts


Your Spiritual Tool Kit

Conscious Conception

Opening and Closing the Gates Practice



Anointing Oil

 Part 4: The Nature Body

Plants and Fertility

Crystals and Fertility

Lunar Conception


Complementary Therapies and Fertility

In Their Words: Interviews with Herbalist, Mizan Therapist, Fertility Acupuncture and Fertility Yoga Practitioner


Part  5: Cleansing

Do-In Practice

Plant Bundles


Cleansing Powder

Yoni Steams

Liver Cleanse/Detoxing

Body Brushing

Fear Release


In Their Words: Interviews with Ayurvedic Practitioner



Part 6: Nourishment

Nutrition 101

Folate vs Folic Acid


The Supplement Dance

Recipes for Fertility


Part 7:  Sleep & Dreams

Effects of Stress

Relaxation Skills

Dealing with Stress Triggers

Adrenal Fatigue

Ways to Love your Kidneys & Adrenals

Stress Busting Recipes


Part 8: Putting it Altogether



The Nourished Container

Fertility Myths

Your Fertility Pathway


Business Tips for Fertility Doulas

Vision Initiation Ceremony: Calling In Your Legacy

Salt Bowl