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Word Medicine is the conscious use of our language. In the world of fertility so many of the words we use are loaded with painful meaning. Like the well- intentioned family member who asks when you are starting your family. I mean, if you have made a commitment to someone, you are already family! Words like having a baby is 'natural' or being pregnant makes you or defines you as a woman.

Is that what we really mean though?

The dictionary definition of natural is something caused by or existing in nature. This is in contrast to something which is made or caused by humans.

I'm not saying that humans exist outside of nature either because I know we are deeply connected to the web of life. . . but when it comes to making babies, childbirth , motherhood is 'natural' the right word ever?

The feeling of wanting a baby is natural, it is innate to the individual that has that feeling and comes from nature, in my mind from our connection to the web of life. The making of the baby on the other hand- well that is the work of humans - however you go about it. The word natural has nothing to do with it by definition. Because we are literally making something from humans, by humans. It is simply not what natural means.

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